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The Problem

Building a great AI assistant is still challenging

  • Maintaining Rule-based systems is really hard
  • Current solutions can only handle basic questions, FAQs
  • There is no open platform, hence vendor lock-in
  • Shipping data to third-party servers for processing has security issues
  • Users cannot express a request in natural language and have it applied in the working software

How Assister Works


Hamidreza, Co-founder and CEO, gives a brief description of Assister on PLUGHITZ Live at Collision Conf 2019!


Hamidreza Mahyar

Chief Executive Officer

Keyvan M. Sadeghi

Chief Technology Officer

Kate Withers

Director of Business Development

Ben Goertzel

Scientific Adviser

Sasan Ahmadi

Senior BI Developer


Our journey so far...

  • 2016

    Assister.Ai is born!

    The assister-ai organisation was created on GitHub, hosting assorted OSS projects created by the team.

  • Dec 2017

    Accepted in NEXT Canada

    The Assister.Ai team got accepted from a pool of over 3000 talented applicants for the NextAI program!

  • Feb 2018

    Assister Technology LTD is incorporated!

    The company has been incorporated in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Aug 2019

    Graduated from NextAI

    The team has found a product-market fit and the product has been shaped

  • Feb 2020

    Hello world! With <3 from Assister!

    Tentative launch date fro the Assister Platform

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